Times New Roman
– only newer

Sept 6–26, Galleri R21, Oslo

“Times New Roman - only newer” (Facebook event) documents the process of drawing a new typeface for long-form reading (a category of which only a handful exist drawn on Norwegian soil), and dedicates plenty of space for the mistakes. From the earliest seeds in 2013, we follow the process through hundreds of screenshots, comments, print test and rough sketches.

With Mu, type designer Frode Konstantin Helland (Monokrom Skriftforlag) dwelves into the conservative landscape of book typography. Designing a text typeface is the ultimate challenge for a type designer – a tightrope walk between originality and familiarity.

The exhibition website invites the viewer directly into the process, offering an interactive platform for critique and conversation.

Opening hours
Monday 09–17.00
Tuesday 09–17.00
Wednesday 09–17.00
Thursday 09.00–19.00
Friday 09–17.00
Saturday 12–16.00
Sunday 12–16.00
Special event
Artist-led guided tour
Friday Sept 14th, 18–20.00